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4 Key Retirement Tips from Successful Retirees

What You Need to know about Retiring in Australia

Whether your final day at work is right around the corner or you’re still 30 years off, it is never too early to consider how you want to retire.

After all, we tend to do a lot of planning for a big holiday – or we let the travel agent plan it for us. Your retirement is kind of like a huge, never-ending holiday which means it needs even more planning. 

When done right, you can ensure that you have the most comfortable experience once you enter your golden years. This is why it’s so important to start retirement planning as soon as possible. 

However, heading into the process of retirement planning can seem like a rather complicated matter because of all the different financial factors that you’ll need to consider. 

If you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the planning process so that you get your plans together in the most productive way possible, here are a few proven tips that many successful retirees used to secure their dream retirement:

Tip #1: Start Accounting for Inflation

The biggest enemy that you’ll need to face and account for in your planning is the compounded effects of inflation. When you don’t plan and deal with them accordingly, the effects of inflation and rising prices can be detrimental to a secure retirement.

If you’ve worked so hard to save retirement funds, the last thing you want is for inflation to devalue your nest egg. By taking the time to invest accordingly in the right options, you can ensure that your funds are capable of withstanding the test of time!

Tip #2: Follow Your Long-term Plan

As you approach retirement, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and worry that you are not going to have enough money. But, as long as your plan is thorough and backed by expert advisors, always stick to the long-term strategy.

Tip #3: Don’t Let Your Super Just Sit There

Some of the most successful and wealthy retirees that we have worked with at EJM make the most out of every opportunity. In particular, their superannuation. 

Your super balance is an extremely valuable tool for your retirement. You have the opportunity to make extra contributions or even change the way your super is invested to maximise your balance. 

Tip #4: Let an Expert Help

If you want to ensure that your retirement planning efforts pan out smoothly, it always pays to have an expert to help you out.

Although you can start your retirement plan with online guides like these, engaging with a financial planning professional can help take care of the finer details and personalise your plan for your unique situation. 

EJM Financial Services provides the best retirement plans through our financial services in Melbourne. At EJM, we strive to create happiness for all of our clients and help them achieve their version of a perfect retirement. 

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This article contains information that is general in nature. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information.


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