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Here at EJM Financial Services, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you, our client, achieve your life goals. They may be small or big, they may be short term or long term, and our only objective is to Create Happiness for you and your family.

Read our Happiness stories:

"I'm incredibly grateful that my version of happiness was fully supported by the team at EJM."

With the exception of reading the odd "Finance for Dummies” book, I had no idea what getting financial advice would be like. I assumed that my consultation with Brendan would involve looking at my asset to liability ratio, and then a whole heap of judgement about my past financial decisions. Boy, was I wrong, (thankfully).

The best part of working with EJM was taking the time to reflect on what REALLY makes me happy. When you take a step back and you look at happiness more holistically (and stop treating your bank balance as the only indicator), it's amazing what you can achieve.

I knew that if I wanted to reach my end goal of being able to take 6-12 months off work to drive around Australia, then I would need to make some changes. Now, two years into my journey, I'm credit card free (for the first time in 15 years) and I have savings starting to grow in preparation for my adventure. The best bit is that I've not had to sacrifice my love of travel in the meantime.

What happiness looks like is different for everyone. I'm incredibly grateful that my version of happiness was fully supported by the team at EJM. They have been wonderful to work with and make me feel confident that my future is bright (and very HAPPY).

Melissa Gundrill
"Thank you Manny and all the team at EJM. I feel like I’m part of your family"

Me and my husband, Walter, were introduced to Manny in 2015 by our previous financial adviser who was retiring and recommended Manny and the EJM team. How lucky were we, and especially myself, as my darling husband passed away in 2017. I worked as a radiographer until my retirement three years ago.

Manny’s advice and guidance have been outstanding. I refer to it as the “Exceptional Journey to Managing” (EJM) our financial destiny.

In short, I have a comfortable and tranquil life. I’ve got a big smile on my face. Thank you Manny and all the team at EJM. I feel like I’m part of your family more than a customer.

Trish Zicari
"We look forward to our continuing guidance and have absolute confidence in all the advice."

I am writing this as a happy retiree. I have known Manny for many years now and all of his advice, care, and planning has helped me achieve a personal goal of retiring with the knowledge that I can continue a lifestyle where I can still enjoy doing things and going places with my wife Gina, and still live happily and comfortably week to week.

I have only been in retirement now for six months but I can honestly say I feel very comfortable. Knowing that you have the financial backing to help you continue until well into your nineties is most important.

Manny’s personal care and guidance in our financial matters have been an absolute winner. The continual home visits and catch-ups with our finances and just letting us know where we are at with our superannuation funds is most gratifying.

Manny has helped us with forward planning. We look forward to our continuing guidance and have absolute confidence in all the advice given by Manny and his courteous staff at EJM.

Charlie & Gina Fenech
"Manny has helped and advised us on many things over the years and his advice has always been right."

We met Manny in the late 80s. He used to come to our house back then, and it was like having a friend drop in. He was so easy to talk to and we could follow his instructions easily.

He filled us in on what Mick was to do to have a comfortable retirement. It is such a relief to know that we will be able to spend our retirement years doing what we love, travelling around Australia in our caravan enjoying our beautiful country.

Manny has helped and advised us on many things over the years and his advice has always been right. We thank him for that.

We look forward to continuing our friendship with the team at EJM for many years to come.

Mick & Patsy Andrews
"We would have been lost in planning our retirement on our own."

Several years, ago we were referred to EJM by my daughter who was very happy with the advice they had provided her and her partner. We met with Manny and he explained the advice process and we were immediately relieved as it seemed simple enough.

Over the years Manny and the EJM team have helped us plan for our retirement and several years ago, we retired successfully and we have a secure income and peace of mind knowing that the team at EJM keep an eye on things and are always there for us to answer questions and help.

We would have been lost in planning our retirement on our own and this played heavy on our mind. With the EJM team, this stress has been removed and we are thoroughly enjoying our retirement. We look forward to working with Manny and his team over the coming years as his entire team is friendly and courteous.

Geoffrey & Robyn Golightly
"We will be forever grateful for the help and support that is available through EJM."

We first met Brendan through recommendation from my best friend Hanna. When we met with Brendan, we were not in a very good spot financially. We had just become close to losing our first home and two cars that we had together. Paul losing his job and having a 6-month old baby girl - it was a very stressful time.

After working through our financials with Brendan, we were on the road to recovery. Now 6 years later, we are in such an amazing spot financially. It is wonderful. If we hadn’t met Brendan, I honestly don’t know where we would be.

We will be forever grateful for the help and support that is available through EJM. Now we are excited to see the next chapter in our life begin.

Paul & Jayne Pozzan
"Our journey with EJM has been a stress-free experience."

It has now been well over 30 years since Manny walked into our lives. We were fortunate enough to not only welcome him into our family but also feel like we were part of the EJM journey.

During our younger years, my wife and I never really thought too much about our retirement, but I took the time out to reflect on our financial journey and realised how fortunate we were having Manny and his team look after our best interests.

Over all these years, EJM has kept us well informed with any changes and regularly reviewed our financial position. Now in our early 50s with the end game in sight, we have been able to achieve another goal of purchasing a rental property. I can assure you this would not have been possible without their help.

To Charlene and Marco, thanks for your help, it was a pleasure having you assist us. Our journey with EJM has been a stress-free experience thanks to all their hard work. With that being said, it gives us great confidence we will be able to retire with happiness and continue to do the things we enjoy. Thank you, Manny, and the EJM team.

Ray & Lisa Borg
"Manny was always just a phone call away."

When we reached our late 30s/early 40s, we realised that we really needed to start planning the best way to financially prepare for retirement. We wanted to have a retirement that enabled us to enjoy the standard of lifestyle we were accustomed to, including our home, car, and travel.

We were fortunate to be referred to Manny and found he was exactly what we needed in a financial advisor. He helped us to focus and articulate what it was that we really wanted to achieve – what was really going to make us happy.

Manny helped us develop a road map for our financial future, ensuring that our goals were clear and achievable. Over the years, we have had many challenges and Manny was always just a phone call away and consistently provided advice to resolve our queries.

We are now well into retirement and very happy with where we are in life and with our financial security. We are happy and privileged to call Manny and Elvina our friends and know the EJM team is always there to support us into the future.

Tony & Mary Vespa
"We found a firm that has and continues to have our best interests at heart."

Colin and I were introduced to the EJM firm some 6 or 7 years ago. Upon meeting Manny, we found a firm that has and continues to have our best interests at heart.

Manny’s frank and sound advice is always welcomed, and we are now working towards a future retirement plan, feeling more secure about how we will live in retirement.

From advice on SMSF through to our investment properties and investment funds, from insurances to mortgage advice, we have always found that EJM – from Manny and Marco through to Robert and Safa – have been accessible, friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable.

We are secure in the knowledge that our best interests are at the forefront of what EJM advises us to do. We have and continue to refer the firm to our family and friends.

Colin & Paula Gething
"The best advice anyone has ever given me."

I first met Manny nearly 30 years ago when superannuation was a relatively new scheme. Manny and his colleagues delivered to me and my workplace a presentation about the new superannuation. All I remember was his advice to salary sacrifice. It was the best advice anyone has ever given me.

When Manny started his own company, I was amongst his early clients and have enjoyed our journey together to this day. Without the guidance that Manny has given me over the years, I wouldn’t have an income stream that enables me to live an enjoyable lifestyle.

I introduced my brother to EJM to help him invest his money. Now, Richard is in a care facility and still enjoys an income stream – thanks to Manny. Now, one of my grandchildren has sought guidance from Manny with his portfolio and projected business opportunity. I am sure he will benefit from the knowledge Manny offers and will enjoy a similar success story to myself in years to come.

I thank all involved at EJM and am grateful for the kind, professional support you have all given me.

Noela Langborne

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